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Recent Articles

Vegan author, editor, and teacher Shelley Harrison writes on topics such as veganism, animal emancipation, civil rights, and environmental protection. Recent pieces in The Humane Herald include:

Technical Writing

Other writing, editing, and illustration work has included the text and drawings for over twenty U.S. patent specifications. Some of these patents are now owned by or licensed to Microsoft, PayPal, eBay, and other leading technology companies. Among these works are the first two U.S. patents dedicated to animal rights activists. Examples (.pdf):

Organizational roles

Harrison has served in numerous organizations as a writer and an editor. These roles have often involved ancillary functions, such as photography, art direction, graphic design, and web design as well.

Legislative Drafting

On behalf of the Humane Party, Harrison has served as primary author, editor, and architect of proposed “apex legislation” at the national and international levels, including:


Harrison majored in English at Stanford University. He studied law at the University of Virginia School of Law.